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In this fast-changing marketing world, you are constantly being confronted with the new:
new competitors, new customers, new media, new data sources…and new ways to analyze them.
And you’re being faced with a real dilemma.

Money and time pressures often create incentives for “push-button” analysis:
“solutions” that are transparent, quick, and cheap ...
but that don’t necessarily provide the right answer to your specific problem.

No statistical wizardry in the world is worth anything without solid analysis behind it.

Where can you go for answers, not just numbers?

We can help.We're

WHO ARE WE? We combine the skills and know-how of market researchers, software consultants, statistical analysts, data miners, and other disciplines, in order to provide hard answers to vital marketing questions.

NOW Renaissance can help you develop and maintain an Online Research Panel

Online Research Tools -- Calculate sample size and sampling power in real time

Statistical Or Research Questions? GET ANSWERS AT HELP DESK

10 Reasons to Choose RENAISSANCE

New BigTURFsm: TURF Analysis for larger problems New

 New DiffSegsm: Segmentation on MaxDiff results New

RenSat+sm: Our expanded customer satisfaction modeling system

Now with ItemSatsm, works on the individual item level

 ICSSsm Our Integrated Customer Satisfaction and Value Model -- Everything about Your Customers' Wants and Needs

C-TURFsm: Our enhanced TURF Analysis system, with new possibilities for optimizing your product line

RenPref sm: State-of-the-art tools for measuring attribute preference

CENClussm Monte-Carlo cluster analysis for both "fuzzy" and discrete cluster solutions

 TargetVoicesm Segment demographics and attitudes at the same time, for results that are both useful and interesting!

  BiSEGsmtwo-way segmentation system: segment on two data types at once -- more detail, without sacrificing clarity!

  PathFindersm Marketing Effectiveness and Forecasting Model -- Find Out What Works...and WHY!

  DecisionMakersm Consumer Decision/Conjoint Model

  VPlus+sm Improved Price Optimization Model

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